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The Indian Institute of Welding (IIW -India) was incorporated on the 22nd April 1966 at Calcutta, by some dynamic and farsighted members of the erstwhile Indian chapter of the British Welding Institute, who took the initiative to form the Indian Institute of Welding to foster the development of welding science, technology, and engineering in India and since then, IIW -India has been serving the cause of the welding industry through its 12 branches / chapters.

Through its various activities and programes, IIW-India is now recognized as the premier Institute related to welding in the country with over 4500 Individual and Corporate Members. It is the pioneer in the field of welding research, welding education and certification in India. Further, as a member society of the International Institute of Welding, it is helping to project the importance and achievements of the Indian Welding Industry to the global community.

Our Vision

Continue to add value to the life of professionals with world class welding technology. Impart technical skill development through training to the youth of Kerala for molding a career and fulfilling social responsibilities

Our Mission

To be the Premier Professional Institute in India for the Advancement of Welding Science & Technology and related activities.

Major Objectives of the Institute

  • Promote the advancement of the science and technology of welding and the allied subjects in India as a nodal agent for International Institute of Welding.
  • Assist Human resources development in the field of welding in India.
  • Technology dissemination and diffusion to Industry and the individual.
  • Foster R&D in welding
  • Promote health & safety in welding
  • Promote environment awareness related to welding


The Memorandum and Articles of Association of The Indian Institute of Welding specify in details the Organization and functioning of the Institute.

The Institute is governed by a Council that is elected annually in the Annual General Meeting by all members.

The Council has the representatives of all branches and all class of members including the Industrial Corporate Members and individual members.


Education Training and certification activities

  • AMIIW: IIW India conducts AMIIW examination all over India to confer certification equivalent to Graduate Engineering Degree of a University as recognized by the HRD Department Govt. of India.
  • ANB: The Institute is the only Authorized National Body of the Int.I.W in India for award of International Diplomas to welding personnel at various levels which are globally recognized and accepted. The Diplomas offered are for Welding Coordination and Welding Inspection conforming to the requirement of ISO 14731. International Welder curriculum is also conducted at Approved Training Bodies (ATB) of ANB- India. ANB – India also awards Welders Certification and Approval test against ISO 9606, EN 287 & ASME Sec IX.
  • ANBCC & IIW-MCS: The Institute is also progressing towards receiving accreditation from the International Institute of Welding as Authorized National Body for Company Certification(ANBCC) for ISO 3834 implementing.
  • MES-SDI: IIW India has been empanelled by Govt. of India, DGE&T ( Director General of Employment and Training) as an assessing body in Fabrication sector under its Skill Development initiatives MES-SDI( Modular Employment Schemes Skill Development Initiative).
  • NWTCS: The Institute’s NWTCS ( National Welders’ Training and Certification Scheme) at the national level has been launched to meet the industries’ demand for welders trained and certified to a level of competency for ‘Training and Certification’ or Certification only to be operated by the IIW National Certification Board.

Other Activities

  • Conduct technical meetings, workshops; industry oriented training programs etc. at the Branch level.
  • Organize National and International Welding & Cutting exhibitions.
  • Publish the Indian Welding Journal quarterly in collaboration with AWS and a monthly Newsletter on the website.
  • Launch and maintain a website www.iiwindia.com for dissemination all information about the institute, its activities, announcements, educational training, certification, R&D initiatives etc. The website contains links to current and archived technical information of welding technology, technical education, training and certification schemes and all other relevant updated information about the Institute.
  • Support Welding Research & Development activities by Instituting Awards to scientists, research holders and engineers which are presented at the annual similar.
  • To coordinate with the International Institute of Welding and other technical/ research institutes in India and abroad for exchange of technical information.
  • Provide and disseminate technical information and advice to the individual and industry.

Welding Research Foundation

In line with its professed philosophy “ Welding for Nation Building:, IIW India has established and IIW-India Foundation for furthering the cause of Welding Science and Research. The foundation is an inter – disciplinary body funded by the fabrication and construction industries, welding products manufacturers and Govt. Bodies. The main objectives of the Foundation are:

  • To encourage research in the field of welding, cutting and joining to the requirements of the industry after assessing the anticipated needs.
  • To identify academic and research institutes which can provide such an environment.

The Advantages of Being an Individual Member of IIW-India

On becoming a member of IIW India, one joints the wide fraternity of welding professionals in India both at the National and International levels. The various seminars, conferences, workshops and technical meets organized by the Institute not only provide platforms for exchange of technological knowledge and information but also serve as forums for establishing contacts and information with professional on the one’s chosen fields. Apart from these other specific benefits are:

  • Every member is eligible to receive a free copy of the Indian welding journal ( IWJ) once in a quarter. The journal contains articles and news on latest development in Welding Technology. Further there is a separate 20 page supplement provided by American Welding Society (AWS).
  • Every member and his proposers are eligible to receive free copies of one Technical Monograph
  • A member is eligible to appear in AM-IIW examination and obtain AM-IIW degree which is equivalent to Bachelor Degree in Welding Technology as approved by Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India.
  • Free accesses to IIW library situated at all Branch offices as well as at its national HQ at Kolkata.
  • A member may attend any International Congress/ Annual Assembly, National Conference/ Seminar/ Meet at a concessional delegate fee.
  • A member has the opportunity to contribute actively to the functioning of the Institute to further the cause of welding by joining the Branch Managing committees and also being elected to the National Council.

The Advantages of Being and Industrial Corporate Member ( ICM)

An Industrial Corporate Member is additionally entitled to the following benefits:

  • A full set of 5 Technical Monographs in welding of different materials free of cost.
  • A monograph on the Indian Welding Industry in different segments which was brought out on the occasion of International Welding Congress, IIW-IC-2008 held at Chennai. This is in the form of a CD, again provided free of cost.
  • Concessional rates for sponsorship of delegates/ advertisement at National Welding Seminars/ Meets/ Branch seminars.
  • The Institute may conduct in-house tailor made Training programs and technical lecturers for ICMs and provide advice by their experts.

Office Bearers

  • Mr. Jose P Philip
  • Chairman
  • josepphilip50@gmail.com
  • Jose P Philip is in the field of Construction Industry for the last 34 years.

  • Mr. A. Prasad Kumar
  • Vice Chairman
  • indaids@vsnl.com
  • Chief Executive Officer of Indiads International for the last 31 years

  • Fr. Antree K.A.
  • Jt. Secretary
  • antreeka@hotmail.com
  • Authorised Examiner & Regional Director for Kerala, Indian Institute of Welding, Calcutta.

Committee Members

  • Mr. Vasudevan Achari